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July 12 2017

'Murica overload

Gun = 'Murica.
Gun + ATV = Total 'Murica.
Gun + ATV + Bald eagle = Peak 'Murica.
Shooting bald eagle + Running it over with ATV = 'MURICA OVERLOAD
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we're lost

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Donald Trump is still attacking disabled people

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump mocked a disabled New York Times reporter, which resulted in a heartfelt ad showing disabled people speaking out against Trump. Now that Trump is president, he still hasn’t cleaned up his act. In a blistering op-ed from the New York Daily News, quote afte...


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Trump denies watching TV after cable news shows claim he watches lots of TV

President Donald Trump, who regularly tweets in real time about things that he sees on cable TV news, insisted on Wednesday that he has “very little time” to watch cable news. In a tweet sent out on Wednesday morning, the president wrote that, “The [White House] is functioning perf...

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July 11 2017

July 10 2017

I thought this was America

July 09 2017

Federal Appeals Court: You Have a Constitutional Right to Film Police Officers in Public

On Friday, a panel of judges for the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that the First Amendment protects individuals' right to film police officers performing their official duties. From a report: The 3rd Circuit now joins the 1st, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th Circuits in concluding that the Constitution guarantees a right to record. No federal appeals court has yet concluded that the First Amendment does not safeguard the right to film law enforcement officers conducting police activity in public. Friday's decision involved two instances in which the Philadelphia police retaliated against citizens attempting to film them. In the first incident, a legal observer named Amanda Geraci tried to film police arresting an anti-fracking protester when an officer pinned her against a pillar, preventing her from recording the arrest. In the second, a Temple University sophomore named Richard Fields tried to film police officers breaking up a house party when an officer asked him whether he "like[d] taking pictures of grown men" and demanded that he leave. When Fields refused, the officer arrested and detained him, confiscating his phone and looking through its photos and videos. The officer cited Fields for "Obstructing Highway and Other Public Passages," although the charges were dropped when the officer failed to appear at a court hearing. Geraci and Fields filed civil rights suits against the officers who interfered with their filming attempts.

July 05 2017

American Silhouette T-Shirt

July 03 2017

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“Liberals ain't liberal. They've fallen into bed with the worst elements of state hardpower & love censorship and death.” — @JulianAssange

“The word liberal has been hijacked & distorted by neo-liberals to whom war is desirable, billionaires are heroes, and ‘progressive’=extreme” — @schestowitz

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June 30 2017

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The Republicans continue to perpetrate the myth that most people receiving Medicaid are able-bodied and are just too lazy to work while living off the government. This myth has been bandied about for many years and plays into the prejudices of many (if not most) in the Republican base.

Data from and, as well as many other government agencies is readily available and disproves these reckless, inflammatory statements Republicans consistently use:

Almost half (48 percent) of adults covered by the Medicaid expansion are permanently disabled, have serious physical or mental limitations—-caused by conditions like cancer, stroke, heart disease, and other serious afflictions including ones suffered in service to the country. Of the other half, who might be viewed as “able-bodied,” 75% are already working, in school, or actively looking for work and can not afford health insurance without some financial assistance. Only 25% percent are not currently working or in school, and nearly ¾ of that 25% are not working in order to care for family members while others report their unemployment is temporary due to things like layoffs, family leave act or pregnancy.

Medicaid helps our elderly, many who can no longer care for themselves; sick children who do not work; veterans who may not be eligible for VA benefits; children and adults with Down’s syndrome or who are autistic and are unable to work; blind people, and so on. If we are to be a Christian nation, stop thinking about the 5 people in your state who may be taking advantage of the system and understand that Medicaid assists millions who can not adequately care for themselves.

Is reform need to healthcare as it’s currently administered? Absolutely. But kicking 23 million of our most vulnerable off the system should not be the answer.

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The EPA seeks to undo clean water rule, putting 117 million Americans’ water at risk

  • On Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers released a joint proposal to repeal the 2015 Clean Water Rule, an environmental protection law originally put in place in 1972 as the Clean Water Act, but codified by Obama in his second term.
  • The potential repeal could mark a success for President Donald Trump, who promised to repeal the rule during the 2016 presidential campaign.
  • However, it could also spell disaster for all Americans who enjoy drinkable tap water.
  • “If you don’t think twice about drinking water from the tap, you’re benefiting from the clean water rule,” Jamie Henn, cofounder of, a nonprofit fighting climate change, said in an interview. Read more (6/28/17)

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Minnesota records give detailed look at commission charges in State prisons

Materials released by Minnesota offer insight into trends in prison entertainment and communications, where the captive consumer population provides a clear opportunity for an Inmate Calling Services provider like JPay.

Music, games, email, and other tablet-friendly services are a growing slice of a literally captive market


Lawmakers Suspect Illegality in Privatized Tax Collection Program

An IRS program employing private companies to recover overdue taxes is just a few weeks old, but it already has a group of Senators worried the collection companies may be abusing debtors and breaking the law.

File this under “We Told You So.”

Barely two months into the IRS’s latest attempt to outsource federal tax debt collection to private companies, one of the companies—Pioneer Credit Recovery—has been singled out by lawmakers for possibly engaging in illegal collection practices...


June 27 2017

June 23 2017

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sounds somehow familiar
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