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August 19 2018

awwww-cute: Marvin is old but still responsible for many awws

artist-vangogh: Barn with Moss-Covered Roof, Vincent van Gogh  Medium: pencil, watercolor, paper

retroavangarda: Dariusz Mlącki “Envelope” from the “Envelopes with the Sky” series, 140 x 100 cm, oil on canvas, 2013

thedailypersian: Bisetoon - Kermanshah - Iran

incieo: More than 700 years old home. Carved out from volcanic rock in Mount Sahand. Kandovan, Iran

When it feels scary to jump, that’s exactly when you jump. Otherwise you end up staying the same place your whole life. And that I can’t do.
— Most Violent Year, J.C. Chandor (via bintalghazi.tumblr.com)
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