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November 02 2018

Amtrak Police report blames mystery bystander for 2017 stampede at New York’s Penn Station

New documents released by Amtrak in response to a FOIA request shed more light on the 2017 panic and stampede at New York’s Penn Station that injured at least 16 people. While several eyewitnesses claimed panic was as a result of a police Taser being mistaken for gunfire, the officer who discharged the weapon blamed the incident on a mystery bystander yelling "ISIS ATTACK."
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October 27 2018

Moscow Considers US Actions in S Syria 'Occupation' - Russian Foreign Ministry - Sputnik International

“Speaking at a regular briefing on Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the United States has occupied the southern part of Syria.

‘The situation in the northeast of Syria, where the US side is still trying to flirt with separatist-minded Kurdish groups, is concerning, as well as in the south of the country near Al-Tanf, where there is a de facto undisguised occupation by US forces of the territory of the sovereign Syrian state,’ she said.

The spokeswoman further stated that the militants who had found a ‘safe haven, a shelter in the 55-kilometer exclusive zone,’ established by the US, were extorting $2,000 dollars per person from civilians who wanted to leave the area.”

“Addressing Washington's potential withdrawal from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), Zakharova said that Russia was calling on all nations to send an ‘unambiguous’ signal to the US to preserve the agreement.

The diplomat stressed that Russia's missile programs, including development of cruise missiles, were carried out in full compliance with the treaty, and while Moscow intends to continue work with the agreement, Washington is unwilling to act on equal basis.

‘For several years, the American side has refused to provide any objective data supporting Washington's conclusions that the Russian 9M729 ground-based cruise missile that passed flight tests has the operating range banned by the treaty. We have repeatedly confirmed that the missile programs implemented by Russia fully meet our obligations under the INF Treaty,’ she underscored, adding that the development of the 9M729 cruise missile was transparent to the maximum affordable degree.

‘The American side was never able to present any evidence to either Russia or the international community to substantiate its claims. They remain unfounded and are provocative. And we reiterate that Russia strictly abides by the provisions of the treaty,’ she added.

‘Now we are forced to seriously warn Washington. If the American side undermines the treaty, Russia will have to react. We are ready to work on maintaining its [the INF] viability, but for this we need a partner who is responsible and interested in continuing the dialogue for the sake of world stability. A solution to the problem can only be found through a frank, equitable and, of course, constructive dialogue,’ she said.”

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October 26 2018

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Cooking with FOIA: New Jersey's Black Bear Recipe Guide

Back in 2010, in an effort to keep the local black bear population down, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie reinstated the state's annual bear hunting season. Despite record numbers the first year, the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife noticed a massive drop-off in the seasons that followed. So to bolster the argument that hunting was the most effective means of population control, in 2014 they decided upon a rather novel way of encouraging people to shoot more bears: state-issued cookbooks.


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October 19 2018

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'Justice' in the USA
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October 18 2018

Russland kann alle US-Flugzeugträger östlich von Grönland versenken, von Valentin Vasilescu

In einem früheren Artikel hatte Valentin Vasilescu gezeigt, dass es für das Pentagon unmöglich ist, eine antirussische Blockade im Mittelmeer und ganz generell, eine Seeblockade gegen Russland zu errichten. In Fortsetzung seiner Argumentation, zeigt er heute, dass die Vereinigten Staaten nicht mehr die Fähigkeit haben, einen Seekrieg gegen Russland östlich von Grönland zu führen. Moskau hat bereits die Überlegenheit seiner Waffen auf dem Boden, in Syrien demonstriert. Auch wenn die Konfrontation zwischen den beiden Großen mit Vorsicht vermieden wurde, ist es heute klar, dass Russland einen möglichen konventionellen US-Angriff nicht mehr fürchtet.


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Cooking with FOIA: The CIA's TOP SECRET anti-poop diet

Practically synonymous with high-altitude espionage, the Lockheed U-2 spy plane played an almost legendary role in the Central Intelligence Agency's activities during the Cold War. Notoriously difficult to pilot and physically demanding (flights of over ten hours at over 70,000 feet were not uncommon), and a formerly TOP SECRET manual uncovered in the Agency archives outlines a strict regimen to keep pilots fit and healthy. Unsurprisingly, the manual touches upon the necessity of maintaining a proper diet, but somewhat surprisingly, the purpose of this proper diet is focused on "obviating the need for frequent defecation."

In other words, keeping pilots from soiling their flightsuit.


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October 16 2018

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October 15 2018

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October 13 2018

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October 10 2018

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October 09 2018

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September 16 2018

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September 08 2018

August 20 2018

Die Geschichte der Vertuschungen des ehemaligen FBI-Direktors Robert Mueller, von Kevin Ryan

Während die US-Medien den Sonder-Ankläger Rober Mueller als ehrenwerten Mann darstellen, identifiziert Kevin R. Ryan ihn mit der Vertuschung von drei Staatsaffären, bei welchen er Helfershelfer und Komplize war. Mueller's Vergangenheit attestiert ihm, dass er Mitglied des Tiefen-Staates der USA ist und hilft sein Engagement für den Beweis der Russischen Einflußnahme bei den US-Präsidentschaftswahlen, zu verstehen.

August 19 2018

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