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April 28 2017

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A New Hampshire Republican State Representative anonymously created the “Red Pill” subreddit.


these aren’t just bullshitter dweebs in their mom’s basements trolling the internet, these are men who formulate the way we implement laws and who govern the way we live our lives.

^^^ Hello, yes, everyone needs to see this. It’s not always a bunch of nobodies trolling around on 4chan. It’s, doctors, lawyers, judges, businessmen, bankers, law enforcement, etc. People who have pulls on society. They literally don’t see other groups besides themselves as human or equal

…holy shit like this is bad really really bad but so much clearly so if you’ve ever read the scum that floats to the top of the Red Pill. Like basically he was just outed as the creator of a neo-nazi misogynist pro-rape forum explicitly to recruit online loners and groom them like it’s EVERYTHING we’ve been saying these people do but this is like, the hive.

For the anon asking why not trust red pill guys

Fuck Conservatives

Fun fact: the Red Pill was 90% of the reason I left reddit. I think it’s important everyone understands why, without having to subject yourselves to actually looking at the subreddit.

The Red Pill is a confluence of gross misogyny, rape culture, and vile social darwinism, all tied up under the banner of it being the “truth” behind some grand lie that is PC culture; that is to say, taking the red pill to withdraw yourself from the Matrix, a metaphor nearly as dated as the ideals they espouse.

If you think I’m exaggerating, I’m not. I spent nearly two years on reddit before toxic bullshit like this drove me out. These people build an elaborate construct about treating women like property and sexualizing children because ~evolution~ programmed them to like it, and ~evolution~ can’t possibly be wrong, as though club-wielding Neanderthal brutes are something to aspire to and not something we left behind millennia ago.

They’ve created an incredibly detailed fantasy about how women are evolutionarily predisposed to react to certain behaviors of “alpha males” (another false equivalence; the theory of the alpha male comes from a since-disproved theory about wolf behavior), and how the trick to success in sex is about taking on these characteristics which, spoiler alert, explicitly encourage treating women like garbage.

I cannot overstate how incredibly toxic the Red Pill is and how disgustingly large the community became by the time I left reddit. I wish I could say I was surprised that a Republican senator founded it, but this is the kind of shit they’ve been legislating for years.

April 27 2017

Justice Department releases damning audit of CoreCivic’s Leavenworth Detention Center

Understaffing, triple bunking, and overcharging are on the private prison’s laundry list of issues

The Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General yesterday released a revealing audit of operations at the Leavenworth Detention Center and its contract with the U.S. Marshals Service. It may be an indication of similar malfeasance throughout the USMS contracted correctional system, which currently includes 15 prisons in its sphere.


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April 25 2017

Martin Hellman: Congress Should Determine Facts About Chem Attack in Syria

One of Congress's responsibilities is to check and balance executive power. Stanford professor Martin Hellman argues in a recent article that it should act on that responsibility by examining the intelligence Trump used to justify bombing Syria.
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Long before WikiLeaks, the FBI spent decades obsessing over Gavin MacFadyen

40 years before he became a WikiLeaks Director and a Courage Foundation trustee, the Bureau was rifling through MacFadyen’s things

In response to the initial FOIA request for files on deceased WikiLeaks Director and Courage Foundation trustee Gavin MacFadyen, the FBI cited a litany of exemptions


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April 23 2017

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April 22 2017

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For Now, Secrecy Trumps Transparency at the White House

Unfortunately, the Trump Administration has decided they will not disclose the names of visitors to the White House, a giant step backwards from the previous administration. ...[weiter]...
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Grandfather is a racist stroke victim
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April 19 2017

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Pro-life is coded language for ‘I don’t like women, women can not control their own bodies, and I don’t trust women".

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April 04 2017

Questions for Trump’s FDA Nominee

President Donald Trump’s nominee to head the Food and Drug Administration has deep roots in the pharmaceutical industry he would oversee....[weiter]...

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March 30 2017

Good news: craft brewery numbers are up. Bad news: some have 'tasting room ambassadors' instead of bartenders [Spiffy]

Craft breweries now account for 5,234 of 5,301 U.S. beer makers, according to an industry group's annual tally. Here, Danielle Coons, the tasting room ambassador at D.L. Geary Brewing Co. serves a beer in Portland, Maine, last November. ...[weiter]...
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March 29 2017

Helicopter hog hunting may be a thing in Oklahoma soon [Murica]

Oklahoma could soon join Louisiana and Texas in allowing hunters to shoot feral hogs from helicopters.

Aerial gunners are already used to help control feral swine in Oklahoma, but the work can only be done by trained, licensed contractors with support from the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Food and Forestry, the Tulsa World ( ) reported.

Lawmakers are considering a bill to expand the practice to private operations.

Dubbed "the flying pig bill," the proposal would allow private landowners, companies and pilots to apply for a state license and be responsible for the activity. Hunters on board the aircraft wouldn't need a license, nor would they have to provide their names to the state.


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March 28 2017

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March 27 2017

POGO: GSA Ruling on Trump Hotel Lease Should Be Challenged

POGO General Counsel Scott Amey challenges the General Services Administration’s conclusion that the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC does not violate the terms of the lease forbidding a benefit to elected officials. ...[weiter]...
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Captain America knows what’s good.


This is the Captain America we need in 2017.

Let’s hear Cap’s entire speech:

“Listen to me– all of you out there! You were told by this man– your hero– that America is the greatest country in the world! He told you that Americans were the greatest people– that America could be refined like silver, could have the impurities hammered out of it, and shine more brightly! He went on about how precious America was – how you needed to make sure it remained great! And he told you anything was justified to preserve that great treasure, that pearl of great price that is America!

“Well, I say America is nothing! Without its ideals– its commitment to the freedom of all men, America is a piece of trash! A nation is nothing! A flag is a piece of cloth! I fought Adolf Hitler not because America was great, but because it was fragile! I knew that liberty could be snuffed out here as in Nazi Germany! As a people, we were no different than them! When I returned, I saw that you nearly did turn American into nothing! And the only reason you’re not less then nothing– is that it’s still possible for you to bring freedom back to America!”

Captain America, “What If (Captain America Were Not Revived Until Today)?” Volume 1 #44 (Peter Gillis, writer), April 1984 

Wow. This was undoubtedly aimed at Ronald Reagan, but it’s like he was talking about Trump and Republicans. Note that he’s calling out the use of fear of “the other” and blind nationalism. 

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