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September 22 2017

Five times CIA hid awful programs in boring names

Take it from the CIA - if you want to get away with murder, just say you're committing a "potentially involuntary redistribution of consciousness." Here are five times the Agency used jargon to get away with the jarring.
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September 21 2017

Texas GOP congressman: Hurricanes are God’s way of ‘telling you to move’

Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), whose state was recently hammered by Hurricane Harvey, believes that God is using hurricanes to tell people who live in coastal cities and towns to move. During an interview with CNBC, Hensarling said it was time for the government to stop footing the bill to help out tax...
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September 18 2017

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Wer bei IS’schen Massenexekutionen mit Kalaschnikows zu Recht außer sich ist vor Empörung, kann sich bei amerikanischen Massenexekutionen in Flüchtlingsunterkünften nicht in Stillschweigen üben. Ein unschuldig genommenes Leben kennt den Unterschied nicht zwischen einer IS- und einer US-Bombe.

Venezuela hat damit begonnen, das Erdöl in Yuan statt in US-Dollar zu bewerten

Im August hatte der US-Präsident Donald Trump neue Sanktionen gegen Venezuela verhängt, um das „diktatorische Regime“ des Präsidenten Nicolás Maduro finanziell auszulaugen. Insbesondere ist amerikanischen Unternehmen der Handel mit neuen venezolanischen Staatsanleihen und Wertpapieren untersagt, die von der Regierung Venezuelas und der staatlichen Ölgesellschaft PDVSA emittiert wurden und deren Laufzeit mehr als 30 bzw. 90 Tage beträgt. Die Sanktionen verbieten außerdem Geschäfte mit bereits existierenden Staatsanleihen sowie Dividendenzahlungen an die Regierung in Caracas.

Den Bericht gibt's hier. Das hat bisher kein Land überlebt, Öl nicht in Dollar zu handeln. Es wird wohl nicht mehr lange bis zu einem US-geführten Putsch in Caracas dauern.

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September 17 2017

The German judiciary has announced plans to commence an investigation into whether the USA has used their military base in Ramstein, Germany, to ship American weapons to terrorist groups in Syria, something that contravenes German laws.
The question is not whether the US has in the past, or is currently illegally supplying terrorists in worn-torn Syria with weapons, that goes without saying and does not bother the Germans too much, after all, they are just another US minion; it's whether their country is implicated in this war crime.
I would expect political pressure to be applied, from both sides of the Atlantic, to kill this investigation before it even begins; otherwise, we may witness another German scandal revealed by Washington similar to the VW scandal that cost the German economy billions.
"If you're not with us, you're against us."

George Ades

"The US does not seek “regime change” in Myanmar, it seeks to disrupt Chinese interests, undo Chinese-Myanmar ties, and if possible, place US military assets on China’s border."--The Times of Islamabad

Luciana Bohne

September 16 2017

How Reuters used public information to build the most comprehensive database of Taser-involved deaths yet

In a sweeping investigation, a team of Reuters reporters, editors, and data analysts found massive discrepancies Taser’s manufacturer’s claim that no one has died directly from the direct effects of the device’s shock and the actual results of hundreds of autopsies. Hundreds of public records requests around the country, plus other painstaking open-source research, made the investigation possible.


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New York City shows how easy divesting from private prisons can be

Divesting from companies at the municipal level is a city-wide form of direct action that, this summer, New York City used this against for-profit prisons.

September 14 2017

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September 10 2017

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September 09 2017

He's Alive: The CIA's less-than-enthusiastic investigation into whether Adolf Hitler survived World War II

In 1955, the CIA's chief of Western Hemisphere Division received a SECRET memo whose subject line no doubt caused them to sit up in their chair: "Operational: Adolf Hitler."


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Disaster Relief Needs Oversight to Stop Waste and Fraud

As Congress contemplates funding billions of dollars in disaster aid, it should ensure the money is overseen adequately.

Will the DACA database be used for deportations?

With the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program formally rescinded (with a six-month implementation delay), there have been a lot of questions about whether the databases created for the program - as well as state and local support programs - could ultimately be used against DACA recipients. Last November, one DACA recipient predicted just that situation in an unsuccessful plea to former President Barack Obama to delete the database, and now the issue is likely to play out across states and municipalities throughout the United States.
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September 07 2017

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September 06 2017

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In the summer of 1946, “Bikini” was all over the news. It’s the name of a small atoll – a circular group of coral islands – within the remote mid-Pacific island chain called the Marshall Islands. The United States had assumed control of the former Japanese territory after the end of World War II, just a few months earlier.

The United States soon came up with some very big plans for the little atoll of Bikini. After forcing the 167 residents to relocate to another atoll, they started to prepare Bikini as an atomic bomb test site. Two test bombings scheduled for that summer were intended to be very visible demonstrations of the United States’ newly acquired nuclear might. Media coverage of the happenings at Bikini was extensive, and public interest ran very high. Who could have foreseen that even now – 70 years later – the Marshall Islanders would still be suffering the aftershocks from the nuclear bomb testing on Bikini Atoll?


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